I would like to thank the University of Rochester, the University of Rochester River Campus Libraries' Department of Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation (RBSCP), and the Rossell Hope Robbins and Koller-Collins Center for English Studies for providing the resources to make this exhibit possible. Additionally, thank you to Alan Lupack (Emeritus Director of the Rossell Hope Robbins Library and the Koller-Collins Center for English Studies) and Barbara Tepa Lupack (former academic dean at SUNY and New York State Public Scholar [2015-2018]) for use of their personal collection.

Special thanks to Anna Siebach-Larsen, Director, Rossell Hope Robbins Library & Koller-Collins Center for English Studies. Without her help and support none of this could have been achievable.

Thanks to University of Rochester staff, students, and faculty (in alphabetical order):

Clara Auclair, Digitization Specialist, Digital Scholarship; Ph.D. candidate, Visual and Cultural Studies

Matthew Cook, Senior Communications Officer for Libraries and Collections

Maggie Dull, Director, Metadata Strategies

Jessica Lacher-Feldman, Exhibits and Special Projects Manager, RBSCP

Autumn Haag, Assistant Director, RBSCP

Jacob Lewis, Visiting Assistant Professor of Art History

Alan Lupack, Emeritus Director, Rossell Hope Robbins Library and Koller-Collins Center for English Studies

Andrea Reithmayr, Special Collections Librarian for Research & Collections, RBSCP

Oishani Sengupta, Ph.D. Candidate, English Department

Blair Tinker, Research Specialist for GIS, Digital Scholarship

Melinda Wallington, Section Supervisor, RBSCP

Lisa Wright, Digitization Specialist, Digital Scholarship

Pamela Yee, Ph.D. Candidate, English Department; Assistant Editor, Middle English Text Series

Thanks also goes out to individuals outside the University of Rochester (in alphabetical order):

Dorsey Armstrong, Department Head and Professor of English, Purdue University; Editor-in-Chief, Arthuriana

Elizabeth Boyle, Managing Editor of History and Theory, Wesleyan University

Tonia Burton, Children’s Services Consultant, Monroe County Library System (NY)

Anna-Marie Ferguson, Artist

Ann Howey, Associate Professor of English Language and Literature, Brock University

Barbara Tepa Lupack, Former Academic Dean and Professor of English, SUNY / ESC; New York State Public Scholar (2015-2018)

Logan Quigley, Ph.D. Candidate, English Department, University of Notre Dame